10 KG Dumbbell Set for Home Fitness Sporting Training, Sold in Pair Black


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  • Multipurpose: Iron hand weights incredible for muscle building. Ideal for hard core weightlifters and jocks. Will fit in home, rec centers, clubs, studios, wellness classes.

    Antiroll: Hex weight heads don't move on lopsided exercise surface. PVC covering over the heads fill in as a defensive layer to lessen imprints and scratches in the floor.

    Ergonomic: Comfortable hand grasp. Each is 9.3cm/3.7" long with a fixed load of 5kg/11lb. Simple to grasp, nonslip and substantial enough for arm muscle exercise.

    Solid: Selected cast iron free weights loaded up with concrete. Covered with fine dark PVC covering over the heads to retain affect and secure floor in the event that it falls.

    2pcs for one pack: Indoor/open air hand loads simple to store and ideal for movement. Will help you construct bulk for cardio preparing. Weight noticeable on hand weight sets out toward reference.

You needn't bother with extravagant gear to develop muscle fortitude. This present time is the ideal time to snatch this pair of hand weights with 5kg/11lb each to further develop balance, rest, heart tissue wellbeing, metabolic rate and body piece. To make sure you know, muscle building is consistently fundamental to ideal wellbeing and wellness. Determinations: N. W.: 9.9kg/21.8lb G. W.: 10.4kg/22.9lb Materials: PVC, concrete, iron Grip length: 9.3cm/3.7" (every) Overall length: 27.5cm/10.8" (each) Weight breadth: 12.9cm/5.1" (each) Package included: Dumbbell Set x 1