the 72/92mm Pull Up Balls


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The 72/92mm Pull Up Balls are designed to help you engage in your workout sessions with ease and are also geared to help you achieve your fitness goals. The balls are made from durable material, have a firm grip, and are unisex. Here are a few features of the 72/92mm Pull Up Balls that should convince you to buy them: 

  • One of the best features of the 72/92mm Pull Up Balls is that they are designed to perform practically. They have a spherical shape, which increases the forearm and grip strength. They boost your endurance during gymnastics, rock climbing, and muscle building exercises.  
  • The 72/92mm Pull Up Balls also have a fun and open hand design, making them easy and fun to use during your workout routines. Your muscle tendons will lay ergonomically during the workout sessions, allowing you to train efficiently. The balls also come in different sizes, so you have a variety to choose from.  This means that it is easy to get a pair that fits your palms and grip perfectly. 
  • The 72/92mm Pull Up Balls are made from strong and durable plastic. They come with a guarantee of durability, and who does not want a strong and durable and very effective piece of equipment? The durability feature means that you won’t have to replace the balls often, and the strength feature indicates that they are fully capable of supporting your body weight as you work out. 
  • The 72/92mm Pull Up Balls have a non-slip feature, improving your performance when exercising. The anti-skid design helps you to maintain a firm grip throughout your workout session. 
  • The 72/92mm Pull Up Balls are also easy to install because they come with stainless steel hooks and reinforced nylon webbing. The stainless steel hooks are strong and can support your body weight. The balls can also be installed anywhere in your exercising space. 

At Yossra Fitness, we appreciate our customers’ need to understand different products’ specifications before purchasing them. Here are a few specifications of the 72/92mm Pull Up Balls:

  • Weight: 97mm-0.83kg; 72mm-0.83kg
  • Material: Solid PU+304 stainless steel + nylon lanyard + steel buckle
  • Dimensions: L-diameter 97mm; S-diameter 72mm


  • Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed in the picture. However, we guarantee you that, other than the color differences, the item you receive is exactly what you ordered and will meet your exercising needs satisfactorily. Thank you for understanding!
  • Please allow a 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurements. However, we guarantee that these possible alterations do not affect the item’s functionality. Again, thank you for understanding!

What to expect in your package:

  • 2 X Pull Up Ball
  • 2 X Lanyard
  • 2 X Steel Buckle

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