AB wheel roller kit, abdominal roller roller with push-up jump rope and knee pad portable muscle exercise equipment kit, suitable for home exercise muscle strength fitness


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[5 in 1 home fitness equipment]: Home fitness equipment: including adjustable skipping rope, spring exerciser, push-ups, AB roller kit with knee pads, to help you save money, no need to purchase separately.

[Upgraded AB roller is more stable]: This upgraded AB roller uses a longer handle tube and is covered with non-slip foam to make it more stable.

[Knee protection] The inclined push-up bar can be separated or installed within a few seconds, and will not slide easily. When rolling back and forth, the knee pads can protect your knees from injury.

[Increase hand strength] Hand training is very suitable for strengthening the strength of the hands and arms, ensuring a safe and effective increase in grip strength.

[Suitable for all levels] This fitness suite is suitable for all levels of exercise: including all gym-grade fitness equipment suitable for beginners and advanced exercisers.

Product Description

Ab roller:

It is equipped with high-quality knee pads designed to target your abdominal muscles and stimulate compound exercises while targeting your arms, shoulders, and back muscles. Ab exercise equipment can improve core strength and overall posture, thereby reducing injuries and improving overall health. The ab rollers used for abdominal exercises are made of stainless steel and non-slip rubber, which can grip any floor surface to ensure long-lasting stability and durability.

Excellent push-up bar:

To use push-up bars, place them on the floor in the same position as your hands during push-ups. Hold the handle and perform push-ups as usual. If you can't do regular push-ups, you can simply put your knees on the ground and do push-ups from that position. If you do push-ups from your knees, push-up bars will still help.

Jump rope:

The portable skipping rope can be adjusted to the length you want, which also helps to improve your endurance. The speed rope is light in weight and equipped with a comfortable handle, which is easy to grasp and carry to any travel place.

Five-in-one kit:

Material: Steel+PU+TPE
Weight: 1400 g/3.09 lb
Packing size: 260*150*180mm/10.2*5.9*7.1in
Package weight: 1680g/3.70lb

Packing list:

AB wheel roller + push-ups + skipping rope + knee pads + spring exerciser + cloth bag