Bicycle spoke reflector bicycle riding reflector clip bicycle spoke holster steel ring bar clip tube 12 pieces white


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  • Easy to install: just push the bicycle wheel reflector onto the bicycle spokes, when the light shines on it, it can reflect the light
  • Flexible adjustment: When the warning strip clamp tube is no longer needed, you can pull it onto the spoke reflector. Can be flexibly adjusted in any position
  • Material: ABS tube and reflective film are used for bicycle spoke reflector. No need for batteries, can be used for a long time, even in the sun and rain
  • High visibility: the single-spoke reflector can directly reflect the distant light back to the luminous place, and it can produce a good reflective effect no matter day or night
  • Purpose: The steel ring reflective strip can be used on the steel wire of the bicycle, which will reflect the light of cars, flashlights, etc., and play a role of safety protection


Reflective strips of bicycle spokes are easily reflected by lights, especially at night. Special note: This is a reflective strip (not a light-emitting strip), it will reflect light if there is light, and it will not reflect light if there is no light (not bright)!

Bicycle spoke reflective strip
White color.
Material: ABS, reflective film.
Size: Length of single reflective strip: 8cm/3.15inch
Inner diameter: 0.185-0.19cm/0.07x0.07inch
Outer diameter: 0.6 cm/0.24 inch.
Packing method: plastic bag

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12PCS*Bike spoke reflective strip