Knee pads, soft and breathable men's knee pads, ladies and children's knee pads, volleyball knee pads, football, dance, yoga, tennis, running, cycling, all black (M)


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Color: Full black


  • [Better knee protection] The middle part of our knee pads uses a thick foam pad, which has shock absorption and anti-collision functions. The sponge with good resilience can effectively relieve the impact on the knee during exercise, reduce knee collision and friction damage, and provide better protection for your knee. [Comfortable and breathable] The soft knee pads are made of high-quality and comfortable stretch fabric, which absorbs sweat and wicks away perspiration, and has strong air permeability. It feels good and comfortable to wear. Knee pads use superb splicing technology, not easy to damage, more durable, and can be worn for a long time.
  • [Ideal ergonomic design] The ergonomically designed dance knee pad is very close to the knee, and the non-slip beam design is not easy to slip off. The knee pads fit your knees completely without feeling too tight, making it convenient for you to carry out any sports, training and exercises.
    [Multiple colors and sizes] Our knee pads are available in four colors: pure black, black with white borders, dark blue and pink. Each color has 3 sizes (S, M, L). Size S is suitable for children aged 7-12, size M is suitable for adults weighing 88-143 pounds, and size L is suitable for adults weighing 144-198 pounds. It is very suitable for people who like to exercise but need to protect their knees.
  • [Suitable for a variety of sports scenes] Children, adults, and knee pads are suitable for a variety of sports scenes, including, running, mountain climbing, cycling, skating, dancing, fitness, and other sports. It can also be used for basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, and other ball sports. Soft knee pads allow you to enjoy the exercise experience.

  • Detailed information:


Product name: Soft breathable knee pads for boys and girls

Material: Sponge + polyester

Size: S: Children aged 7-12

M: Adults weighing 88 to 143 pounds

L: Adults weighing 144 to 198 pounds

Use when exercising without knee protection Knee pads are easy to cause knee joint abrasions, sprains, abrasions, ligament strains, etc. Wearing high-quality knee pads can effectively prevent knee joint injuries. We recommend our knee pads, soft and breathable knee pads, men's, women's, and children's knee pads.

More Features:

1. The cushion is made of soft and breathable fabric, durable, skin-friendly, comfortable to wear, and easy to carry.

2. Knee pads can disperse the pressure of the joints, and the sponge pad can prevent collisions and damage to the knees during exercise, and play a role in keeping warm and protecting the knees.

3. The soft knee pad conforms to the ergonomic design, fits the knee, and is not easy to slip during exercise.

4. Knee pads are suitable for a variety of sports and can be used for dance, training, fitness, ball sports, etc. It is a must-have product for families, outdoor sports, gyms, and other sports venues.

Washing recommendations:

Washing: suitable for hand washing, soft machine washing, and ordinary dry cleaning. Drying: suitable for low-temperature ironing or hanging to dry.

Package Dimensions: 13.2 x 7.7 x 2.6 inches