Sunblock Cooler Protective Sleeve

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Product Description

Summer is here, and it is getting hot. How are you going to get your summer body work-out in this heat?

With our new "Cool❄️Off" sleeves, of course! These easy to wear, flexible arm sleeves are comfortable and help protect against harmful UV lights, prevent skin cancer and keep you safe from mosquito bites! Because we know you care about your appearance, we've designed them to look sleek and fashionable.

They also double as arm shapers, helping you eliminate cellulite and slim down your arms with just a few quick and easy exercises! Wear them indoors or outdoors, say goodbye to reapplying sun-screen and mosquito bites!



  • Protects against UV rays.
  • Prevent skin cancer.
  • Protects against sunlight
  • Protects against dust and germs.
  • Light, sleek, comfortable and completely breathable.
  • Eliminates cellulite and shapes your arms.
  • Tear resistant and flexible.
  • Protects against mosquito bites.