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When you hit the gym, you need to ensure that your body is held in the right posture with the bodybuilding elastic rubber old at Yossra Fitness. The bands help you to maintain your body in the correct posture and minimize the possibilities of getting injured while exercising. Here are a few features about the body building elastic rubber bands:

  • The body building elastic rubber bands are resilient and work well with your body postures during yoga, or any  other physical training exercises
  • The band is most suitable for people with small strength and supports their body  movements as they stretch their body muscles
  • The bands help you to stabilize your posture, and control the distance you can stretch your body. this feature leaves very little room for injury
  • Its elastic features help to improve the ability of your body to handle physical exercises, shapes your body and become a supplement for yoga and Pilates exercises. 
  • The bands offer your versatility in your exercise routines and improve your interest in exercising. 

After understanding the basic features of the body building elastic bands, here are a few reasons why you should buy them to supplement your gym equipment:

  • The bands are soft and would not cause friction or abrasion on your skin
  • The body building elastic bands have strong resilience to support the movement of your body muscles during rigorous exercises
  • The body building elastic bands are made of latex which is very resistant to wear and tear
  • The  body building elastic bands give your body the support for maximum performance during exercise routines
  • The band is lightweight and is portable. You can rest assured of supported body posture while exercising even when you travel, during home workouts, at the gym, during yoga and sports warmups. 

Here is a specifications list of the body building elastic bands sold at Yossra Fitness

  • Material: polyester-cotton, Latex silk, rubber
  • Color: the body building elastic bands come in different colors
  • Theme: sports
  • Sport type: yoga, gym, home workouts, body building
  • Main features: durable, soft, wear and tear-resistant, easy to use, convenient, portable
  • Gender: unisex
  • Function: comprehensive fitness exercise

Below are the size details for the body building elastic bands:

  • M Size: suitable to handle 120 pounds. Recommended weight for the user is 40-45 kgs, with a thigh circumference of 45-45 cm/ 15.75” to 17.72.”
  • L Size: suitable for 100 pounds. Recommended weight for the user is 55-65 kgs, with a thigh circumference of 45-55 cm/ 17.72” to 21.65”. It is most suitable for beginners 
  • XL Size: suitable for 80 pounds. Recommended weight of the user is 65-75 Kg with a thigh circumference of 55-63 cm/21.65” to 24.8”. 

Disclaimer: The color of the product may be different on your computer monitor because the display is calibrated differently.

The Package from Yossra Fitness will include:

  • 5x resistance bands
  • A bag 
  • A user manual

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