Trekking pole outdoor multifunctional three-section telescopic BS rotating system aluminum alloy outdoor climbing equipment sky blue


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  • Wristband design: adjustable wristband, any length, soft and comfortable.
  • Handle design: The ergonomic fit design improves outdoor safety and comfort.
  • High-quality tip: wear-resistant iron tip, strong toughness. The tip protector protects the clubhead and prevents the fabric from being punctured. Please remove the protective cover when using it.
  • Clear scale: with a digital scale, height can be adjusted according to needs.
  • Bs fastening system: the stable lock rod body is upgraded safely, the 3 levers are assembled in sequence, the joint is turned to the left, the black device is opened, and the lever is locked.

Product Description:

Using the correct method can make trekking poles longer life, the following is the correct method of use:

1. Unscrew the locking device, each section of the pipe can be expanded and contracted freely.
2. Open or shrink to the desired length
3. Tighten the locking device to make it completely locked but do not use excessive force
4. Do not exceed the "Stop Loss" sign, otherwise, it is easy to break.
5. If the tip of the stick (the tip of the stick is supported by the snow support or the bottom) is stuck in the crack of the stone, do not shake it, try to pull it out vertically