Three-in-one abdominal exercise roller set with push-ups, skipping rope and knee pads-Home exercise equipment for abdominal core strength training-Ab Trainer fitness equipment at home gym


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      [Three-in-one home exercise equipment]: Two-wheeled abdominal exercise rollers, equipped with push-ups, skipping ropes and knee pads, are very suitable for anyone who wants to enhance their core strength and shape a better body. Abdominal exercise equipment can help stretch and exercise the muscles of the abdomen, arms, chest, shoulders, and back, allowing you to have six pack abs.
      [Stable Abdominal Exercise Roller with Super Soft Knee Pad]: The ultra-wide abdominal exercise roller has a support force of up to 660 pounds and has a strong load-bearing capacity. The non-slip foam handle reduces hand fatigue and improves control and comfort. The stripes on the surface of the TPR rubber wheel can prevent the ab wheel from slipping during smooth movement. Use thicker and larger (twice as big as other products) foam knee pads to prevent knee injuries.
      [Slip Push-ups]: Push-ups are strong enough to support any weight. The handle of the push-up bar is covered with soft and sweat-absorbing foam. It will provide you with a comfortable and safe grip. The ergonomically designed putter can protect your wrist from injury during exercise.

      [Adjustable and durable skipping rope]: The best quality PVC steel wire rope ensures its wear resistance. This skipping rope is constructed with a non-slip foam handle to enhance sweat absorption and provide extra comfort. 3M (10 feet) wire rope can be adjusted quickly, suitable for adults, children, professional athletes and beginners.
  • [Portable and easy to assemble]: The ultra-light and easy-to-assemble abdominal exercise roller kit allows you to achieve your fitness goals no matter where you are. It is very suitable for a home gym, but it is also convenient enough to carry. In addition, we also provide you with a convenient exercise guide to help you correctly perform various targeted core shaping exercises.

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AWAKEN POWER ------Stop dreaming of having a rock-solid core and sexy 6-pack abs. Use the AB wheel set to start sliding!

Why choose AB Wheel Roller Kit?

▶ Home fitness equipment is the most useful tool for exercising and strengthening the abdominal muscles, shoulders, arms and lower back.

▶ Abdominal exercise equipment is beneficial for beginners and experts to strengthen the abdominal muscles and core, faster than endless sit-ups and sit-ups.

▶ The sturdy and easy-to-use abdominal muscle wheel allows customers to lock all abdominal muscles and calculate oblique muscles through correct steering and clearing.

Why is the AB Wheel Roller Set the most comprehensive package?
▶ Stable Ab roller: The roller is made of non-slip rubber, which can grip any floor surface. The ab wheel is made of stainless steel to ensure long-lasting durability. And is equipped with a padded handle for a comfortable grip.
▶ Anti-slip thrust rod: By pulling down the leg from the handle, it can be collected or disassembled effortlessly to suit travel and capacity.

▶ Flexible and tough skipping rope: the best quality PVC-coated anti-wrinkle safety cable, light weight and tough. You can use this bounce rope for speed exercises anywhere-in the exercise center, in the carport or outdoors.
▶ Extra delicate knee pad: Our knee pad size is 16*9.8*0.6 inches, while the size of other brands is only half of this size! Use this foam knee pad to cushion your knees on the difficult floor of your home or sports center.
▶ Comprehensive exercise guide: We will provide you with a convenient exercise guide to help you correctly perform various targeted core shaping exercises. The exercise guide e-book will be emailed to you after purchase.
What did you get?

✔ Fitness Ab exercise wheel

✔ Push-up bar with ergonomic design

✔ Adjusted and durable skipping rope

✔ Super soft knee pads

✔ Comprehensive exercise guide

✔A tote bag

✔Wonderful after-sales customer service

Packing size: 13.9 x 8.8 x 4.1 inches