Fitness Box- Ab Wheel Roller with Thick Knee Pad Mat, Rotational Push Up Bar / Pushup Stand, Skipping Rope. Premium Home Gym Set


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Color: Black


  • COMPLETE HOME FITNESS SET- The  Fitness Box, provides the perfect combination of all the tools needed for a hard core full body workout. The amazing combo of an  Premium Dual Abdominal Roller Wheel featuring comfort foam handle grips & Knee pad, 2 x Rotating Push Up Bars, a speed skipping rope provides everything required for ultimate upper body development, core, Stamina, Speed & Strengthening exercises.
  • PREMIUM AB ROLLER WITH 15MM THICK KNEE PAD- The  Ab roller provides one of the best workouts to strengthen your abs and core. Constructed from high quality materials, this product comes with a super thick 15mm NBR knee pad mat for added comfort as well as padded handles for extra grip. The metal axle and durable black plastic roller wheels ensure perfect stability and durability
  • SLIP FREE ROTATIONAL PUSH UP BARS- The best selling  push up bars are designed to give you the perfect push up. The slip free grips reduce wrist strain and the smooth rotation ensures you fully engage your whole chest with each rep. The ultimate upper body workout.
  • SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT JUMP ROPE- The perfect tool for explosive cardio and fat burn. The super lightweight  jump rope is designed for quicker skipping in your home, crossfit and gym workouts.
  • PERFECT FOR USE EVERYWHERE- All the  Fitness box exercise tools are high-quality, light weight, portable, durable, train when and where you want. Get ripped training just 15 minutes per day! Full body powerful workouts made easy. Contains everything you need for CHISELED 6-PACK ABS, building a STRONG CORE & a well developed UPPER BODY.

Package include: 

Premium Dual Ab Wheel with Comfort Mat, 2 x Rotational Push Up Stands & Speed Skipping Rope.

Package Dimensions: 16.1 x 8.3 x 5.5 inches