Barbell Pad Hip thrust, barbell shoulder pad, protect the shoulders, absorb sweat, breathe, non-slip, very suitable for squats, lunges and hips and other sports


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  • Reduce the risk of injury: Barbell pads can distribute weight and reduce painful pressure on the neck, shoulders, or buttocks, allowing you to comfortably perform the heaviest squats.
  • Anti-slip: high-grade materials ensure that the barbell pad will not move or roll from the barbell, designed to provide the highest comfort.
  • Multi-sports: Our barbell mats have a high grip and are very suitable for squats, lunges, and hip presses.
  • Portable: Lightweight design, very suitable for carrying in a gym bag without adding weight. Easy to install and remove, but keep it fixed during exercise.
  • Impermeable fabric: selected fabrics absorb moisture and sweat, have double protection, have good slip resistance, are not easy to be corroded by sweat