Push-up board set-foldable push-up board, elastic rope and skipping rope-whole body strength training equipment-multifunctional fitness equipment-color-coded muscle training


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  • ✅Perfect and complete home workout set! This professional fitness equipment is multi-functional and efficient. It can help you train your major muscle groups to create a healthy, well-defined body. The set includes push-up boards with bungee cords, skipping ropes with weighted handles and a training calendar.
  • ✅You can define your body at home without going to the gym. Push-up boards have color-coded patterns to target the main upper body muscle groups such as the back, triceps, and shoulders. Exercise your upper body muscles in all directions. You can insert the handle into the slot of the corresponding color according to the part you need to exercise.
  • 🙏🏼 Foldable design: This fitness equipment is designed to help you train anytime, anywhere. The board is easy to carry and can be easily folded, so you can enjoy high-intensity exercise at home, in the gym or wherever you feel comfortable.
  • 👍Excellent quality: We are committed to providing you with professional equipment. This is why our push-up board is designed with a strong ABS material, which makes the board very reliable and able to withstand a lot of exercise.


    What you will get: push-up boards; elastic ropes; skipping ropes with weighted handles; training calendars. What is the function of this product: The board has a color-coded pattern, which can help beginners and advanced personnel train the back, triceps and shoulder muscles more effectively to achieve a well-defined upper body.

    In addition, our push-up boards are foldable and easy to carry, so you can train anywhere to stay in shape.

    This professional fitness equipment is equipped with a skipping rope with a weighted handle to make your exercise more challenging and efficient. Some amazing features of this product:

    🙏Foldable design; 🦍Durable and reliable; 🧳Portable design; 💪Made of sturdy ABS material; 😊Easy to use and practical; 💯Suitable for all fitness levels; 💣Sturdy and durable structure;

    Since we are a British company, we care about the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. This is why we only rely on high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology to help us develop professional equipment.

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    Packing size: 14.0 x 8.1 x 4.3 inches