Wide mouth water bottle outdoor umbrella rope handle with compass thermos cup portable umbrella rope handle with


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  • Our unique redesigned safety ring is made of the most durable plastic material. If necessary, a rope can be disassembled for trailer and emergency use (the diameter of the parachute rope is 4 mm and the length is 5 to 5 meters). The materials used are all parachute ropes, which are the same as those used on sea-going ships. They have the advantages of corrosion resistance and aging resistance. The single rope pull is about 275 kg!
  • Suitable for various survival activities of men and women, convenient and beautiful, with various colors, suitable for various seasons. Good time, beautiful you, bring your cup and your flowers and walk towards the colorful nature.
  • This is not just an outdoor survival and mountaineering multi-function holding mug, it also has an outdoor survival function. Equipped with a 7-core umbrella rope, the outdoor rescue time is more than 4 meters long. When you get lost outdoors, the compass can help you guide the direction and provide protection for your outdoor exploration
  • Safe and easy to use: no need to worry about falling or losing expensive water bottles. The handle ring is a comfortable and stylish way to carry a water bottle. Made of high-quality nylon, keep the handle close to prevent the bottle from falling. Fewer water droplets mean fewer dents! Perfect for busy people: walkers, athletes, travelers, hikers, campers, students, and even busy moms!
  • Most water bottle safety rings on the market are too hard to be installed on the water bottle. Our safety and environmental protection are softer and easier to install.